Thursday, December 17, 2009



I know that some children with Sensory Processing Disorder are highly affected by certain elements of clothing – texture, tags, seams, etc. And there are companies out there trying to address these needs.

If you haven’t already – check out

I am wondering what other issues are out there surrounding clothing that affect the special needs community. Do you have any issues/solutions you would like to share?

Please do so in the comments section – we could all learn something about this topic!

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Hartley said...


I LOVE Soft Clothing--I did a great interview and giveaway on my blog with them last month, amazing!

I have also found another company, SoftKnitKIDS that specializes in seamfree socks. Socks are a HUGE sensory issue for many families. Currently they are the only truly seam-free sock on the market.

You can win them on my blog right now too--we are giving away 8 pairs of them!

I encourage you to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh...clothes and getting dressed is such a problem in my house. My son has autism and spd and everythning bothers him. These companies look like interesting ones to check out. Thanks! Ruthie

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