Monday, December 21, 2009


How did you decide to start Knowledge Safari? That is one of the questions I have been asked lately – so here is the answer! First off...let me introduce myself. My name is Marci Hersh - I am originally from Kansas City but have been living in Scottsdale, AZ for over 12 years.

I am a teacher. Much of my career has been spent in the classroom. Much of that time has been spent working with children who have special needs. All types of special needs from intellectual disabilities to medical conditions, behavior problems and the like. Currently, I am an Educational Consultant and Private Tutor solely working with children who have special needs. Among other things I consult about IEP’s, teacher training, behavior modification, in home tutoring – educational and life skills and assist families in navigating the path of special needs: attending doctors and therapists appointments, etc.

As I have gotten to know the families of the children I have worked with over the years, the parents begin to ask me questions like:

“What do other people do about giving their child medication for ADHD?”
“What do you think about Dr. Joe – is he good with …?”
“We’re traveling with Lea, do you know of hotels that would accommodate special needs?”
“Bob needs a gluten free diet – can you recommend any restaurants?”

I always found the answer for these parents, but it made me think that it would be great for these parents to be able to talk to each other directly.

That thought turned into Knowledge Safari!

It is hard to believe that the idea that was brewing in my head…is now coming to fruition. We are getting ready to launch in late January and I am looking forward to telling you more about it in the coming weeks!

You can get a sneak peek at !

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