Monday, January 11, 2010


Since we are still in January, I thought it would still be okay to talk about the fact that we have recently entered a new decade. As we were approaching the New Year – I really did not give it that much thought that it was a new decade – I was just thinking of the New Year and all that I wanted it to hold. But after seeing many blog posts and news stories about the decade that was passing and the one we were entering – I could do nothing but think about it.

Ten years is a significant chunk of time to see how things have progressed or not. What has changed and what hasn’t. So, it got me thinking…what are your expectations for the next decade? Specifically I am thinking about your children with special needs. Where will they be in ten years? What progress do you think will be made in terms of treatment, acceptance and general life issues?

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. I try not to think ahead, honestly. In 10 years Olivia will be 19 and that terrifies me!! So, to answer you honestly, I don't think about it b/c I like to take it one day at a time and the thought of her being an adult is frightening!!

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