Thursday, February 11, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Book by Joan Celebi, Special Needs Parent Coach


Joan Celebi
is the Founder and President of Through her internationally acclaimed teleseminars and coaching programs, as well as her New England area trainings and workshops, she helps parents of children with special needs create manageable, balanced, joyful lives - for themselves, their children, and their families. Joan publishes the free monthly Overwhelmed No More! Newsletter, writes the daily blog The Special Needs Parent, and is also the author of Overwhelmed No More: The Complete System for Balanced Living for Parents of Children with Special Needs (this will be offered as a giveaway in the future, so stay tuned!). Joan is a certified life coach and holds a Master's Degree in Education from Harvard University.

It is understandable why Joan is so great at what she does! I had a conversation with her by phone recently and came away knowing that she is dedicated to her family, her work and doing whatever she can to
benefit the special needs community.

Balanced Living All Year is your month-by-month guide to successfully navigating life with a child with special needs.

Inside, you'll find quick, easy chapters that are both enjoyable and filled with how-to's for the challenges that often arise in a year in the life of a parent of a child with special needs. With handy lists, inspiring quotes, step-by-step guides, and more, this book is your shortcut to manageable, balanced, joyful living -- for you, your children, and your family.

Here are just some of the themes you'll find in this unique book:

- Starting the New Year off on the right track
- Creating a low-stress, happy family environment
- Solutions for holidays that may be tricky for your children
- Getting through the IEP process with greater ease
- Ways to manage your many roles and responsibilities
- Caring for the caregiver (that's you!)
- Arranging summers that are memorable and fun for all
- Complete back-to-school planning and preparation
- Keeping life simple and running smoothly
- Thought-provoking reflections on life as a special needs parent
- A special recipe each month to enjoy with your family
- And plenty of inspiring quotes!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to win this book!

Anonymous said...

This would be a great book to help me get ideas. MasonB

Becky said...

Why do I need balance in my Life?
--I am a stay at home mom to 4 ages 10,7,7,3
--I am a Homeschooling Mother of one 5th grader,2 kindergartners and one who thinks he is in school
--I am a mom of identical twin very active boys
--I am a mother of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder
--I have 3 blogs I write on weekly

Just to name a few...Balance...What is balance?

Heather said...

Balance in my Life???

Yep, I surely do need that. I have a 5 year old son with Sensory Processing Disorder. I work with children with disabilities. I have a 4 year old son who demands a lot of attention. I am a friend, a coworker, a mom, a partner, a family member, etc. I try to make it all work and often end up getting cranky in the end. I need the balance to make it all run more smoothly:)

Anonymous said...
I definately need help balancing everything I do with and for my kids, 2 of whom have special needs.

Your site is GREAT by the way!

Unknown said...

I really need balance in my life. Between working with students with disabilities and their families on a daily basis and dealing with my own disability, I sometimes get overwhelmed. My passion for my work often overrides my personal needs. So balance would be a miracle.

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Unknown said...

I tweeted about this giveaway:

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Unknown said...

I follow you on Twitter (@pine1211)

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Unknown said...

I am a fan of the blog on Facebook.

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Unknown said...

I follow you through Google Friend Connect.

bstilwell12 at comcast dot net

Indigo777 said...

I need to find balance in my life; otherwise I would totally topple over and smash into a million pieces at the bottom of the stairs of life.

Indigo777 said...

I just tweeted about this giveaway. My account on Twitter is mchabot777.

Indigo777 said...

I just joined you Fan Page on Facebook.

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