Monday, June 14, 2010

Are You Organized?

How do you keep track of everything? I was helping a friend out recently who's daughter had been recently diagnosed with a new condition that requires a lot of medications. I had done this before for both of my parents so I had a plan!

I get all of the meds, mark the bottle what they are for and then put them in a baggie where I mark it again. Then I get a pill box and fill up the first week and make a spreadsheet for later weeks.

Being organized about these things make me have a sense of control when the situation might be chaotic to say the least.

I know there are many tools out there to keep you organized with medications, schedules, appointment and the like.

Please share how you stay organized!


Jessica Crozier said...

I do pretty much the same thing. However, instead of the pill box that's pictured, I have one where it's a box with 7 different compartments. Each compartment is divided into 4 areas (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime). I like this because I can simply take out the day of the week if we go out somewhere, without lugging the whole thing (not that it's that big). It's really great! And there's a whole cabinet in our kitchen specifically for her medications. I bought little storage boxes with drawers and labeled the drawers "alcohol swabs", syringes, prescriptions, cold meds, fever meds, etc. Easy to find.

The Hopeful Elephant said...

I'm an organizing queen. Truly.

It's a gift.

I have a binder with all of Jack's information: insurance, feeding schedule, phone numbers to pharmacy, hospitals, doctors, etc...It goes everywhere he goes.

I also have an emergency bag that sits next to the bed and also travels with us, with one extra set of all meds, feeding tubes, etc.

THEN, for medications, I resort to my "real" job as a nurse and just don't let anyone touch meds but me.

Because I'm anal as all get out! ;)

Tiffany said...

I'm very organized, but luckily don't have to be for medication!!

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