Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Would You Do Wednesday

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Today's question comes from Leigh Ann.

"I've been invited to a wedding this summer and my kids are invited too. The invitation states that childcare will be provided. I have a son with down syndrome and he needs a little extra attention. Would it be acceptable for me to ask the host of the event about the childcare provider's qualifications or should I just try to arrange my own childcare?"

Let's give Leigh Ann a little advice here, what do you think


The Hopeful Elephant said...

OOOOH, that's a HARD one.

I've never been to a wedding where childcare was provided...hmmm.

I don't have an answer. With us, one of us goes to the wedding, the other stays home...and whoever goes is expected to bring a piece of cake home for the other! :)

Tiffany said...

That is hard...I feel like I get the short stick on most of these situations---you know "has to be potty trained" etc.---I would probably arrange my own but that's just me!

Anonymous said...

I would arrange my own care, with a trusted friend or relative. The whole idea of a wedding is to celebrate with the bride and groom, not expect them to accomodate unusual situations or hire additional babysitters. I have attended weddings where childcare was provided, and the care consisted of a couple of high school kids with red cross certificates. A child with special needs might overwhelm someone with that level of expertise. I simply would not risk it, or expect the newlyweds to hire extra help so you can attend--this is not an ADA scenario, it's a private party. It is unfortunate that parents with children who need extra care have to make their own arrangements, but that's the way it is--you won't be comfortable leaving your child with strangers who may not know what s/he needs, so your best bet is to just don't do it.

Sherry C said...

I think you probably be much more relaxed if you had someone you trusted.. we always have my parents come for weddings or big events. I hope you have someone you trust that's willing to help you out and get some probably much needed adult only time.

Jo said...

I agree, this is a tough one. I guess what I would do is explain to the bride my concerns - that because of my son's special needs, he might be a bit too much for the babysitter while she watches all of the other kids. I would then ask her if it would be OK for me to hire (and pay for) my own babysitter to help out, particularly to focus on my son. That way, my child could still be included while getting the care he needs. If the mother didn't feel comfortable with asking, then it would be best if she just hired her own babysitter to stay home with her kids.

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