Thursday, July 15, 2010

What If

Do you allow yourself to go there? Down the "What If" path? Where does it lead?

I think we all have What Ifs in our lives. What if I made this choice or that choice, what if this happened or did not happen, the what ifs of life are endless.

Sometimes what ifs, can lead you to make changes, make different choices, Like what if I read more books...that can lead to joining a book club.

But for some what ifs like what if my child did not have special needs....well there is no practical solution to this of course. This type of what if leads to "It is what it is".

Reality in other words.

There are positives and negatives in the realm of reality - here's hoping that you are experiences more on the positive side. If not, please reach out to us and those waiting to support you at

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Anonymous said...

I am constantly asking these kind of questions, can't help it though in the world of special needs.

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