Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Would You Do Wednesday

What Would You Do Wednesday is feature on the blog where we post a question that has been submitted to us by a reader and we ask you to help us answer it!

Today's question comes from Lisa!

"Somedays...I just want to tear my hair out! There I said it. I have 4 kids, 2 of whom have special needs (Autism and Cerebral Palsy). They are all under the age of 10 and there are challenges for sure! Most of the time, I am able to go with the flow but others .... not so much. I don't really have time in the day to have a pity party for myself but I don't want to take my frustrations out on my kids. The question is how do you handle stress right in the moment? I am not really looking for a "go to the spa" answer...something more immediate."

Thanks for reaching out Lisa! I am sure our readers will have some great tips for you!


Karen K. said...

Hi Lisa!

I have two sons on the Autism Spectrum (10 and 4) and although that's half the number of kiddos you have, I can empathize with those moments and days of stress! YIKES! :-)

My regular outlet is blogging, however for an instant stress break, I have a special play list of songs that I have handy online or on my Ipod that help me through the tough moments.

Sometimes it is an inspirational song, sometimes it is an upbeat motivational song (I like "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield), sometimes if I can't get away from the kids, it is a song series we can all dance to and get some energy out. I think for everyone it will be different.

Music really helps me shift moods and it works with my children too. Maybe it will help you too!

Best wishes!
Come As You Are - Let Your Light Shine

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karen, I have to put myself in a "mommy time out!" I make sure the kids are in a safe spot and give myself a few minutes to talk on the phone, read a magazine article or just sit with a cup of a coffee in silence! This usually helps, but if not, I reach out to others and ask for help. My best friend is able to sit with the kids for an hour or two sometimes and that is a huge help! Everyone deserves and needs a break sometimes!
Keep smiling!

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