Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have You Heard Of...

...Jennifer Bertrand? How about her son Winston?


Oh my are you in for a treat! Read Jennifer's Blog and you can also connect with her on Knowlege Safari!

Taken from Winston's Village.

If you were glued to Season 3 of Design Star, and rooting for Jennifer Betrand to win, as we were in our family, then you've probably wondered what has been "up" with her. What happened to her show?

Winston happened.

Jennifer and her husband Chris gave birth to a gorgeous - but heart-breakingly health-challenged - baby boy on February 20th, 2009. They could tell even in the womb that there were some health issues with the baby. But from the second he was born, all bets were off. It was clear that the medical challenges Winston faced were beyond extraordinary. Two very rare malformations had occurred during his development in the womb: Lymphatic and Veinous Malformations. The first deals with a lack of fitness of the lymphatic system and chronic pooling of lymph fluid, creating large cysts in the face and neck. The second concerns the improper formation of veins. Both conditions require extremely aggressive treatments every six weeks with a leading specialist in New York City.

Additionally, Winston receives 16 hours daily of in-home medical care from a revolving door of nurses, which mom and dad must continually train.

Mom and dad cover the remaining 8 hours of Winston's medical care flying solo. From changing Winston's trach tube to feeding him through his other attached tubing device located in his tiny tummy, the Betrands have become honorary pediatric nurses themselves.

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