Monday, August 30, 2010

Self Esteem - Part 4

Welcome to our series on building self esteem in your children, specifically with special needs.

Today we will start with school age children from Kindergarten and beyond. Although there are so many points at which issues can trigger self esteem reactions in children and young adults - entering school can be a very trying time for children who have special needs.

It is often the first time that the child herself begins to notice that there is something different in their world. This can in turn create anxiety for the parents.

How do you build self esteem in an environment of uncertainty, bullies and kids.

It is hard to have good self esteem if you are uncertain of who you are. If you are uncertain of how you fit in.

Start at home: Continually speak to your children about who they are, what makes them special, important and their own person!

If your child is being bullied or teased: this topic is so large that we cannot discuss it fully here and if there is serious concern about excessive bullying - make sure to talk to the authorities at your school.

In order to assist in building self esteem the child has to be told that bullying/teasing is not acceptable. There are many ways to handle this conversation and much of it depends on the age, but in general an explanation that bullies are the ones that have a problem usually starts the discussion in the right direction.

Kids. It is a well known fact that kids can just be mean...especially in the midst of someone different. Usually they do not even know what they are saying and deep down don't mean to cause harm but they do.

Help your child build self esteem by keeping lines of communication open. Talk about their day and their accomplishments. If there is a problem with another child, help them work through it. If need be, talk to the child's parent or conduct a talk in the classroom. Don't ignore it - a little assistance will go along way!

What solutions or questions do you have about building self esteem?

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