Thursday, March 25, 2010


Where can you read and write reviews written by and for

those who have special needs in their lives?

Only at!

Have you ever visited a site to see what people had to say about a restaurant, store, hotel, etc. before you decided to go there? I sure have!

Those reviews are helpful in general but are not specific to special needs.

The REVIEWS section on will help you determine how well suited specific places or things are for the special needs in your life.

For example:

- Does a particular restaurant cater to a gluten free diet?

- Does anyone know of a Dentist who works well with Sensory Processing Disorder?

- I want to make sure that a hotel is really accesible for my needs.

- I just had the best experience at a movie theater in my town, I want to share the story!

- I went to a great new restaurant and it was a good experience for my son who has autism.

- I read a book that is great for siblings of children with special needs!

And the list goes on and on! We are a new site and our database of reviews is growing -but we need you! The more people who contribute the better the resource will be!

This is for you and by you! So, if you can spare a few minutes and really that is all it takes, we would appreciate it if you would write a review and then read some too! You might find something really helpful.

We want to make this the best resource available for the

special needs community!


The Hopeful Elephant said...

I'm totally going to do this...only, we don't go anywhere often. I need to start writing stuff down though. I promise I will! I promise! ;)

Knowledge Safari said...

Thanks Heather! It could be a review of a book or toy, etc. anything that you use that others could benefit from knowing about.

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