Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Would You Do Wednesday?

We've been having lively discussions each Wednesday for our posts asking What Would You Do, so we are going to keep going with it! If you have a questions that you would like to put out for our blog readers to answer, please send it to

Here is a question from blog reader Lexi.

"Hi, I am new to world of blogging and special needs. My son was just diagnosed with Autism and I am reading so much information and trying to learn all that I can. Does anyone know of a check list or something like that that would tell me the things I need to be doing? Everyone says one step at a time, but I am kind of lost as to where to begin."

Ok blog readers, take it away! If you have any suggestions for Lexi, please leave her a comment!

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Jennifer said...

I hope this article helps. I know the lady who wrote it. Good luck!

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