Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Are Strong

Terri Mauro, the guide for special needs has a great section called Love Notes for Special Parents, here is one example!

You Are Strong

"Try hard and do your best." That's what you tell your children, and you're happy with whatever they're able to accomplish. You understand that perfection, or even an average level of acheivement, is legitimately beyond their grasp, and you offer endless inspiration and encouragement. But how often do you give yourself the same credit? Parenting is hard work. Parenting a child with special needs is harder. You can't always know the right answer. You can't always make the right judgment. Mistakes are built into the job. Like your child, you will not always have the information or the ability or the skills necessary to perform perfectly. It's unfair to expect that you will. You try hard, and you do your best. That's enough. That's everything.

Copyright © 2006 by Terri Mauro

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This is right up my alley today...I have a post in my queue on this very thanks, I'll reference this post when I post!

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