Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was at a neighborhood block party recently, talking to some people when I heard a voice behind me say..."Hi, I want to introduce myself".

I turned around and looked down to find a teenage boy in a wheelchair telling me that his name was Scott and it was nice to meet me. He went on to say: "I have Muscular Dystrophy by the way and just to let you know I don't really like Jerry Lewis because I do not understand where all of that money goes. I would think by now that with all of that money they would have a cure..

I chatted a bit more with Scott and he went on his way to introduce himself to the others.

Now, I can't stop thinking about Scott - mostly that he was so charming and has obviously found a way to engage strangers in conversation while disarming their curiosity all at once. He just laid out the facts and then carried on with typical teenage conversation.

I also found his comment about Jerry Lewis to be intriguing. Of course, I believe that Jerry Lewis does what he does out of the goodness of his heart and likely has little to do with where the money goes. And while money does not necessarily equal a cure, it is an interesting perspective. One that Scott likely has more thoughts on, if he were asked.

The other thing I noticed that if his parents were there, they were not right there with him - he was clearly making his way around the gathering on his own. They have obviously done something right - Scott seems to be a well adjusted young man who has learned more than some adults have learned about how to work a room!

Way to go Scott....carry on!

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