Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Talk

Photo credit cbs.com

Have you been watching the new show "The Talk"? It is on CBS weekdays at 2:00 et/1:00pm cst.

It is a show with a variety of celebrity moms who dish on many topics. Holly Robinson Peete is one of the cast members. As you may know, her son has autism. She has done a great job of advocating for him and raising awareness.

So, oftentimes when Holly refers to her son she says something like: "I have a special needs son" or "I have an autistic son". It always catches my attention as I believe that most people want the child to be first and the special needs to be secondary. I bet Holly would agree with that and my guess is that it is nervous jitters from the first few weeks of being on a live show.

I am grateful for all of the hard work that Holly does on behalf of autism - this is in no way against her. This was discussed a few weeks ago here on our blog and then this caught my attention again, wanted to get your thoughts!

What do you think? What is the proper etiquette? And, does this apply to the mom/dad themselves? Or, is this only what we expect of "others"?

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Jenny S. said...

I noticed the same thing. I hope it was nervous jitters but she may not place as much importance on word placement as others do. I prefer to pay attention to it so that it helps to "train" others on what is right.

Tiffany said...

I watched that show and did.not.like.it. :)

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